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A large number of new brands are also attracting attention - despite a smaller trade fair with 1,200 instead of 1,500 exhibitors and a tangible watch crisis in Switzerland, new manufacturers are still daring to venture into the slippery parquet of luxury. The logo of the Monta company from Saint Louis, USA, is slightly reminiscent of that of Patekt Philippe, while the watches take up the diving watch theme. The design of the Oceanking is reminiscent of a manufacturer from Geneva and is intended to revive the original values ​​of the classic divers: reliability in all situations. Another model from Monta is flat. replica rolex watches for men The watches convince with their feel, and also with the well-considered quality of the details. Behind the company is a bracelet manufacturer that has been providing high-quality watches like Rolex with its straps for years: Everest. However, it remains to be seen