Cast for Proteus Theatre’s circus-style take on Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber

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A new adaptation of Angela Carter’s dark fairy tales, The Bloody Chamber, is being brought to the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing by Proteus Theatre

Bloody Chamber Theatre
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Proteus Theatre has found its cast for a new circus-style adaptation of Angela Carter’s dark collection of reworked fairy tales, The Bloody Chamber.

Using circus as a physical vocabulary, the “fever dream” production will feature Jessica Andrade, Megan Brooks, Ashley Christmas, Anesta Mathurin and Lorraine Moynehan.

Directed and adapted by Mary Swan, it will premiere at the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing, West Sussex, on 11 and 12 June 2021.

Proteus Theatre are working with leading figures in the circus industry to choreograph the piece including Mimbre’s Silvia Fratelli, Charlotte Mooney from Ockham’s Razor and Tamzen Moulding, artistic director of Inverted Theatre.

The show also features an original soundtrack with musical direction, arrangements and sound design by Max Reinhardt and original composition by Paul Wild who worked with Proteus on Macbeth in 2019.

Swan said: “Women are always being told what we can and can’t do in order to avoid being assaulted, while on the other hand also promoting sexual fulfilment by catering to the male gaze. We give this advice to young women all the time; why the hell should we have to?

“Circus inverts the world: defying gravity, contorting the bounds of physical movement and embracing the human connection to do the impossible. It’s perfect for making familiar situations entirely surreal and surreal situations quite familiar; it’s perfect for challenging what’s socially accepted for no good reason. Carter’s fantastical, theatrical, lyrical stories are beautifully transfigured by circus.”

The team also includes designer Sam Pine, lighting designer Peter Harrison, dramaturg Saul Jaffe and production manager Callum Thomas, with production support from Turtle Key Arts.

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